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Water Smart Hotel Program

Municipal Water District of Orange County | more info

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Administrative Services For Turf Replacement Rebate Program

San Diego County Water Authority | more info

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Water Conservation Irrigation

California American Water

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Residential Water Survey Program

Valencia Water Company

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Landscape Irrigation Efficiency Program

West Basin Municipal Water District | more info

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Device Installation Services

California American Water

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Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Water Audit Services

The City of Corona Department of Water and Power | more info

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Water Wise House Call Program

Sacramento Suburban Water District | more info

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WaterDrop: A Tote That Saves You Water!
March 1, 2017

Did you know that every time you shower, about 1 to 1.5 gallons of clean potable water go down the drain as you wait for your water to get hot? Multiply that by all of us who take showers and we’re wasting millions of gallons of fresh, clean water every day! The WaterDrop was designed to help you collect the cold water...Read More

+Pool, a Floating Pool for Everyone
Feburary 1, 2017

Pools are usually located in a recreational area like a park or an aquatic center but +Pool is an innovative project on Kickstarter that aims to create a recreational pool in the river off the shores of New York. The project has received support and backing from over 50,000 backers and high level engineering firm, Arup, wishing to make this project a reality...Read More