About Us

WaterWise Consulting, Inc. is an exciting and innovative company dedicated to conserving one of our most precious natural resources: water. 

WaterWise approaches every project with optimism, enthusiasm, and professionalism. The WaterWise approach is professional as well as cordial. WaterWise provides its services at a below-average industry cost, but delivers above-average results. WaterWise customers range from individual homeowners to international corporations. WaterWise applies its years of experience in irrigation science, horticulture, and water use analysis to offer an array of services that satisfy customers of all sizes. The knowledge and passion that WaterWise embodies translates into effective services, which can be individually tailored to each customer.

WaterWise is determined to continue developing programs and services for those interested in becoming conscientious water conservation advocates. The goal is to complete every project by surpassing the highest industry standards. WaterWise thanks you for visiting its site and welcomes you to explore its services.

The WaterWise reach now goes beyond water conservation. WaterWise divisions are now working with other aspects of the environmental field.

Green Media Creations works with green private companies and the public sector to provide outreach, education, and marketing services. Green Media Creations is not limited to water conservation. Please visit their website at www.greenmediacreations.com.

Envirosmart Solutions Group brings together specialists from various fields to find solutions to problems for clients in various environmental fields. But Envirosmart Solutions Groupís main focus is on conducting analysis of water and energy conservation programs and serving as technical advisors. Please visit their website at www.envirosmartsg.com.

Corporate Staff

Ajay graduated from California State University, Northridge with a degree in Biochemistry. Ajay began as a part-time surveyor conducting residential water surveys. Ajay is currently the president and as such is responsible for running the company efficiently and profitable. He enjoys meeting with water agencies and discussing how WaterWise can best fit in their water conservation plans.

Armando has over 15 years of experience in working with water conservation. His role as Vice President is to support the President and work on new business ventures and ideas. Armando loves working with staff and troubleshooting problems. Armando attended the University of La Verne, where he earned a Juris Doctorate. He has a part-time law practice in Burbank.

Jeremy attended California Lutheran University (CLU), where he obtained his Masters in Business Administration. During his studies at CLU, Jeremy collaborated with his peers and focused on a fast paced, real world business curriculum which emphasized management and organizational behavior. Jeremy has been able to transfer what he learned throughout his educational career directly to his position at WaterWise.