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February 1, 2017
+Pool, a Floating Pool for Everyone

+Pool, a Floating Pool for Everyone

Pools are usually located in a recreational area like a park or an aquatic center but +Pool is an innovative project on Kickstarter that aims to create a recreational pool in the river off the shores of New York. The project has received support and backing from over 50,000 backers and high level engineering firm, Arup, wishing to make this project a reality.

The project started with the idea of creating a pool where people could swim on a hot New York day that would use the very same water that it floated on. The concentric layers of filtration materials that make up the sides of the pool are designed to remove bacteria, contaminants and odors, leaving only safe and swimmable water that meets city, state and federal standards of quality. The reasoning behind the + symbol design of the pool is that each arm of the pool will consist of a different grade or depth for different recreational uses, making the pool accessible to everyone.

In order to help create a sense of community for the project and raise awareness, the +Pool Kickstarter gave backers the opportunity to put their name on this future iconic piece of architecture on the tiles of the +Pool once it is built. Now the Kickstarter is offering summer items such as sunglasses, beach balls and tank tops to raise funds for its next stage of development. The +Pool aims to be built soon and will be sure to become one of the most innovative ways to both help clean up our rivers and offer a recreational water area for people to enjoy.