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Save Our Water Launches New Program Titled “Water Conservation:
It’s for Life

Save Our Water, California’s official water conservation program, launched a new summer campaign in an effort to sustain Californian’s efforts to conserve and preserve water throughout the state. This is in accordance with Governor Brown’s desire for people to remain strong and aware of water usage due to the ongoing drought crisis.

“Water Conservation: It’s for Life” makes a bold statement in persuading residents that water conservation should not be temporary, but must be a way of life. The program suggests that if people relent or stop conserving water, then California will go deeper into a water crisis and will negatively affect all residents.

In order to get the campaign’s message across, Save Our Water created a new, unique and interactive website www.saveourwater.com. Visitors will be able to find helpful ideas and strategies to conserve water including, fixing leaks, efficient shower lengths, efficient clothes and dish washing, and more.

Furthermore, Save Our Water has improved its conservation toolkit for water agencies and businesses, which can be found here www.saveourwater.com/toolkit. Along with the toolkit, agencies and businesses are able to acquire tip sheets, social media graphics and more through the website.

Overall, the new initiative created by Save Our Water will put up a stronger fight against high water usage and will maintain the state effort to do everything it can in its power in order to preserve much needed water.