Remove Your Turf

By Silvia Gutierrez, GMC EDITOR

While you're sipping the milk of a coconut and soaking in the rays of the unforgiving sun on the porch of your home, you may be wondering why your lawn is significantly greener than your neighbor's across the street. Last week you could have sworn they had thicker grass than you. Now it's all gone except for countless stones and a handful of plants that you later find out are drought-tolerant.

Within the last few years, turf removal has increasingly become a hot topic within the green industry. Homeowners and business owners are becoming aware that turf removal is a good way to lower water bills and, in turn, a helpful way to save water in drought-cursed California.

On average between 50 to 60 percent of a homeowner's water bill is from watering grass. Because it's highly susceptible to drying out, grass intakes the most water out of any other plant in the world. Interesting enough, many people are not aware of this fact.

However, a solution to the problem and a great way to join the green movement is through turf removal. There are several companies, including WaterWise Consulting, Inc., that offer the service. But if one has the time and energy, all they need is a shovel and grass-killing chemicals to get the job done. Depending on the size of the grass by square footage, turf removal isn't difficult and could potentially be done in one day.

Below is a sample of what the process of turf removal typically looks like.

Example of the Turf Removal Process

Local water agencies may offer rebates for turf removal. They usually pay by the square foot. WaterWise is involved with the rebate process and is currently beta testing a turf removal landing page. Look for it to be fully functional in a month or so. Visit to see what we're working on!

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