Sacramento Suburban Water District
Water Wise House Call Program

WaterWise has been selected by Sacramento Suburban Water District to conduct water conservation surveys of selected large landscapes and residential homes in their service territory. A CLIA certified WaterWise employee will conduct indoor and outdoor surveys of selected residential properties. Our surveyor will evaluate all water use both inside and outside of the home. The survey report that will be provided to each customer will include:

  • Current water use per indoor fixture
  • Irrigation problems;
  • Suggestions on how to lower water use throughout their property;
  • A suggested irrigation schedule.

Additionally, WaterWise will provide large landscape surveys to selected sites. Our CLIA certified employee will evaluate the irrigation system station by station to check for problems and efficiency issues. A report will then be sent to the site detailing our findings including:

  • The current irrigation program;
  • Irrigation problem such as broken heads and irrigation lines;
  • Total landscape size;
  • Suggested efficient ways and products

This program will run through December 2014