Rebate Programs Administration

As a partner in the water conservation industry, WaterWise Consulting understands that not all water agencies have the staff power to implement conservation programs which assist their customers in curtailing their water use. Typically, one assumes that the smaller water agencies will be understaffed, but even large water agencies come to WaterWise for assistance. Not all agencies are prepared for or have experience in running local rebate programs, let alone large regional programs.

WaterWise Consulting has been working with water agencies throughout California for many years to assist them in implementing rebate programs for water conservation appliances and devices.

WaterWise takes a simple approach – customer service. Supply the best customer service not only to the water agencies, but to their customers as well. After all, when contracted to implement a program, WaterWise becomes the face of the hiring agency. It is when representing another entity that WaterWise’s experience really shines.

WaterWise likes to use its experience and knowledge to supplement agencies’ familiarity with their customer base. WaterWise assists and does not impose. WaterWise leads but does not push. As a result, WaterWise works with new water conservation coordinators and experienced ones, and it makes a perfect fit to compliment and complete the team. Therefore when selecting a contractor to assist with rebate programs, look for WaterWise, since it has experience with all facets and levels.

Depending on your needs, WaterWise can assist with any of the below listed tasks, and many more!

  • Program Management
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Rebate Processing
  • Site Inspection (Pre and Post)
  • Program Analysis and Evaluation
  • Database Development
  • Presentations to Management or Board of Directors
  • Report Writing