With a knowledge base that spans water use analysis, engineering, horticulture, landscape design, irrigation and geography, we offer an array of services. From homeowner audits to large scale irrigation upgrades and retrofits, industrial inspections, water-wise landscape conversions and more, we’ve got the team that will finish any project we begin. We offer these services individually, as your contracted service provider and as program administrators who manage the entire program, from start to finish. We work closely with our clients to determine the desired level of integration with their existing services, and design our services to match their needs.
Our team is up-to-date with the appropriate licenses and certificates needed to successfully accomplish any job. WaterWise is a fully licensed Corporation, bonded CA-27 Landscaping Contractor (#978574), with certified CLIA auditing staff and CLCA water managers, AWWA water practitioners, Sanitation District Recycled Water Site Supervisors, and GIS certificate-holders on staff. WaterWise is also a Certified Small Business through the State of California Department of General Services with 42 employees and a Certified Minority Owned Business.
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We’ve completed more than 100+ projects for our amazing clients, If you interested?


WaterWise provides its services at a below-average industry cost, but delivers above-average results. WaterWise customers range from individual homeowners to international corporations. WaterWise applies its years of experience in irrigation science, horticulture, and water use analysis to offer an array of services that satisfy customers of all sizes. 


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