Residential Turf Conversion Projects

Whether you are into butterfly gardens, native gardens, gardens with warm or cool colors, or a garden that produces a wonderful aroma, WaterWise can design it and best of all install it! WaterWise has landscape designers on staff and employees that have an extensive knowledge about horticulture irrigation to work with you to give you the landscape of your dreams!


Some of WaterWise's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: the initial consultation, creating a digital design that meets customer expectations (and HOA guidelines when applicable), removing existing turf, retrofitting and redesigning the irrigation system and replacing turf with low water use plants, mulch, rock and other items. Our designers will provide you will a digital design that shows you what you can expect once your new landscape is installed and a preview of what your landscape and plants will look like when your plants are fully established!


WaterWise focuses on drought tolerant and native plant designs while emphasizing a watershed-wise approach. Many of our customers receive plants that have low plant factors and plants are planted with a biochar-compost mix, which provides more nutrients to the plants and soil while retaining water more efficiently than other soil amendments. Numerous designs also include bioswales, dry creek beds, and capture basins to contain and infiltrate stormwater, thus reducing runoff.


For more information email us at info@waterwise-consulting.com

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