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Certified Landscape Irrigation Audits

WaterWise can provide certified landscape irrigation audits for sites that are required to have this level of verification as required by the State. These audits take place after the installation of the new landscape and irrigation.

All audits will be performed by Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors who have successfully completed the coursework and corresponding test provided by the Irrigation Association. During the audit, all irrigation stations will be tested to check for type of irrigation, microclimate, soil type, sun exposure, plant type and hydrozoning. Any inefficiencies or variances from the original plans will be noted and explained in the final report.  All sites will receive a detailed report that details all aspects of the audit and provides information on the maximum applied water allowance (MAWA) vs. the estimated total water use (ETWU).

WaterWise also performs design reviews for sites that are in need of a Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) Review. WaterWise certified staff will review all designs and ensure that all landscaping and irrigation that is scheduled to be installed meets current California MWELO standards.

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