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Commercial, Industrial and Institutional

WaterWise Consulting has been providing water use surveys to commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) facilities for years throughout California. WaterWise offers solutions for long term, efficient, and cost-effective use of our previous water resourves. WaterWise has been involved in every aspect of the audit/survey process, from inception to completion. Its auditors possess years of survey experience and compile final reports that are comprehensive, descriptive and user-friendly.

Business customers need to know how to save water, why they should, and how it will affect the bottom line. WaterWise gives customers what they need in a format suited toward them. The comprehensive survey and follow-up report shows customers the following:

  • An inventory of all water-using equipment and processes

  • How water use is currently allocated

  • Leaks and water-waste

  • Upgrades, retrofits, or new equipment that will save water

  • The costs of implementation

  • Rebates & incentives available to offset costs

  • Water saved annually from the recommended changes

  • Dollars saved annually (from water, sewer and energy savings)

  • Payback time (for each recommendation and overall average)

WaterWise can provide commercial water users with comprehensive evaluations of their current water use and offer suggestions for change that will not only save water and money, but also generate good will between a water agency and its customers.

We’ve completed more than 100+ projects for our amazing clients, If you interested?
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