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Meet Our Management Team
Ajay Dhawan Picture.jpg
Ajay Dhawan

Ajay graduated from California State University, Northridge with a degree in Biochemistry. Ajay began as a part-time surveyor conducting residential water surveys. Ajay is currently the president and as such is responsible for running the company efficiently and profitable. He enjoys meeting with water agencies and discussing how WaterWise can best fit in their water conservation plans.
Jeremy Johnson
Director of Finance

Jeremy attended California Lutheran University (CLU), where he obtained his Masters in Business Administration. During his studies at CLU, Jeremy collaborated with his peers and focused on a fast paced, real world business curriculum which emphasized management and organizational behavior. Jeremy has been able to transfer what he learned throughout his educational career directly to his position at WaterWise.
Brian Duvardo
Director of Operations

Brian has worked in water conservation for over eight years in both the private and public sector. Brian utilizes the education he received from Pasadena City College along with previous experience gained from working in various trades to bring a diverse and unique prospective to all WaterWise projects. Brian currently serves as director of operations and is responsible for maintaining client relationships, ensuring the highest degree of customer service and providing oversight for all current programs. 
Angel Juarez
Programs Director

Angel attended California State University at Los Angeles (CSULA), where he obtained his Bachelor's of Art in Geography. During his studies at CSULA, Angel focused on Human and Physical Geography courses that explore the spatial relationships between human populations as well as the physical spatial relationships found in nature. He also concentrated on topics such as Urban Planning, Statistics for Geographers, Mapping/Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) and Field Work in Fluvial Geo-morphology. Angel has adapted his acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to WaterWise natural resource management in the field of water conservation.
Enrique Vazquez.jpeg
Rebecca Shields Moose
Program Manager

Rebecca graduated from University of Wisconsin Madison with a BS in Biology. Rebecca began her career in native habitat restoration and biological surveying, and progressed into project management. Trained in environmental education and water conservation, she turns a careful eye to ensuring quality inspections are delivered in a timely fashion while maintaining clear communication with clients and customers in turf replacement and inspection programs. 
Enrique Vazquez
Irrigation Supervisor

With over 20 years of experience in the landscape industry, Enrique uses his expertise to train staff on irrigation techniques, properly demonstrating best management practices and safety on the field. When he is not working on training staff or working on complex projects, he is conducting residential and large landscape surveys. Enrique enjoys the outdoors and has a passion for competing in cycle races. 
Austin Black Picture.jpg
drew smiht picture linkedin.jpg
Austin Black
Program Manager

Austin received his Associate of Arts degree from Orange Coast College and Bachelor's degree in History from Cal Poly Pomona. Austin is also a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA). He has over four years of experience with Waterwise, specializing in program management, residential water use surveys, leak detection, irrigation system audits, irrigation repairs and retrofits, and preparing technical reports on commercial water use.

Drew Smith
Program Manager

Drew received his Bachelor's degree in business from Whittier College and his MBA from Drucker School of Management. Drew is also a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) and Certified Water Manager. He is currently a program manager for landscape rebate inspections, residential water use surveys, and wastewater surveys. Drew has several years of experience retrofitting indoor plumbing fixtures and outdoor irrigation systems.
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