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Irrigation Retrofits

Did you know that 60% of residential water use is used outdoors? Did you know that most customers can reduce their outdoor water usage by up to 50%! If you are a commercial customer and you don’t have the time to manage your multi acre property do you know about “Smart Controllers?” Irrigation devices today are much more advanced than you think. Did you know that there are “Smart Controllers” that can be controlled by your smart device and can water daily based on your exact landscape needs? By retrofitting your irrigation devices, you can maintain your beautiful landscape while reducing your water usage.



If you are looking for more simplified irrigation retrofits have you considered replacing your pop-up spray heads to high-efficient spray heads or rotary nozzles. In most cases, these nozzles use at least 50 % less water than your traditional pop-up spray heads and provide better coverage for your landscape. Are you watering your planter beds with traditional pop-up spray heads or bubblers? Consider, converting those heads to a drip system that produces a slow steady stream of water that reduces runoff, overspray, and eliminates water being blocked by plants or other items that don’t provide the coverage that you need.


The best part is many water agencies provide incentives for you to replace your old irrigation devices to more efficient devices. Contact WaterWise at for more information.

Today there are numerous devices backed by the EPA, WaterSense, and SWAT (Smart Water Application Technologies) that make managing your irrigation system more efficiently. Not only are Smart Controllers a good idea, but once you tie a flow sensor and a soil sensor you are really taking advantage of the controller’s capabilities.

We’ve completed more than 100+ projects for our amazing clients, If you interested?
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