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Rebate Admininstration

Does your agency need help with processing rebate applications? Do you have the resources to provide customers with support they need to answer questions about your rebate incentive programs? Let the knowledgeable staff at WaterWise help you administer part or your entire rebate programs!


Some agencies need help with inspections to verify eligible devices were installed and are working correctly. Other agencies need help with all aspects of administering a rebate program for example, providing an online website for customers to apply for a rebate, scheduling inspections for qualified staff, reviewing customer plans and worksheets, verify customer receipts for an accurate rebate amount and process the rebate check along with a 1099 form when applicable.


For an example of our services, please visit where you can view

numerous water agencies using WaterWise

consulting to manage and implement their

existing turf removal rebate programs along

with other programs such as a Smart Sprinkler

Controller Installation Program.

For questions, please contact us at

We’ve completed more than 100+ projects for our amazing clients, If you interested?
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