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Water providers across California have used many different strategies over the past 5 years to help combat the drought’s impact on state water supplies. These efforts have ranged from free evaluations of their customer’s property to providing water efficient fixtures for homes and businesses. One method that has been a great success for both residents and their water providers has been turf removal programs.


These programs incentivize residents to remove their high water use lawns and replace them with more drought tolerant landscapes. WaterWise Consulting has worked with multiple agencies on their rebate implementation processes including one local program that recently hit an impressive milestone.

Local Conservation Program Reaches Milestone

Moulton Niguel Water District has had its turf removal program active since 2011 and in that span, over 2,500 customers have participated. Their collective efforts have resulted in the removal of over 5 million square feet of turf. This represents approximately 25% of the grass that has been removed in Orange County through turf removal programs. Removing this turf has lessened the demand for water in the area and resulted in an estimated 500 million gallons of water that have been saved.


While this program has already been a smashing success, Moulton Niguel Water District is still looking for new ways to improve it. In the coming months, they will start a modified turf removal program that links customers with local nurseries to make the process of creating a drought tolerant landscape even easier.

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