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Ooho: Water You Can Eat

Every year, humans throw away millions of plastic bottles that unfortunately will not be recycled as a result of sporting events, festivals and concerts. While many innovations such as the sale of reusable water bottles and having water refill stations throughout an event, Skipping Rock Lab’s Ooho seeks to target and reduce this source of one-time-use waste with an innovative sustainable edible water container meant for one-time-uses.

The little Ooho pocket of water is created by dipping frozen balls of liquid into an algae mixture that forms a membrane around the ice. The ice melts into liquid water and membrane, which is edible and biodegradable, forming a watertight seal around it. To consume the liquid you can either bite into the tasteless membrane and sip on it or eat the entire ball, membrane and all

Skipping Rock Lab is a seaweed-tech startup based in London. The Ooho will be available for events and festivals throughout Europe soon, but the lab hopes to go global through crowd funding. The goal is to have their Ooho packaging available globally for events everywhere within a year.

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