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Last year was bittersweet for the WaterWise family. As the company celebrates 16 years in the industry this year, it mourns the loss of one of its beloved employees, Sue Pike.

Sue worked out of the Santa Clara office and was known as, “Office Mom,” because of her command of the office activity and no-nonsense attitude. When she wasn’t being an Office Mom, she was responsible for managing important programs for both northern and southern California water agencies.

Sue was loved by all. She was always available to lend a helping hand and to take new employees under her wing. She was always happy and added a ray of sunshine to the office environment – unless you upset her. But that is another story for another day. Anyone who knew her knows exactly what we mean.

This year, WaterWise decided to honor Sue by naming a scholarship after her. WaterWise likes to give back to the community and this scholarship will go to a student to help with college expenses.

We miss you, Sue!

Sue Pike: Still Giving of Herself!
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