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Water Conservation in Las Vegas

Earlier in October, WaterSmart Innovations held its 10th annual conference in Las Vegas to serve as a hub for water conservation ideas. This conference was attended by countless agencies and lecturers
that were all there to learn about how to best conserve water and create a sustainable future. Among those in attendance were employees from WaterWise Consulting, EcoTech Services and Green Media Creations.


The conference was a great success and it resulted in a bevy of new ideas being shared to go along with a new network of valuable connections and partnerships that were made. In more ways than one, Las Vegas is an ideal location for a water conservation conference. The city itself has been making strides in recent years to attract companies that are geared towards water conservation.

In 2015, the state created WaterStart, which functions as an organization that uses grant money to invest in new companies that are working towards fresh technology in the conservation field. So far, the state has set aside $3.4 million to spend on investing in new companies that can make it through a competitive bidding process.

This program has already resulted in almost a dozen new companies setting up shop in Las Vegas to work on their new technologies. In a city that stands to greatly benefit from water conservation, programs like this will prove to be well worth the money.

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